Intercessions – First Sunday of Advent, November 28, 2021

Priest:  Watching and waiting as we prepare for Christmas, we lift up our prayers in humble confidence….

  1. For a renewed attentiveness to God and patience with others, let us pray to the Lord….                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
  1. That we be free from fear and anxiety, confident of God’s abiding presence and power even in the face of tribulations, let us pray to the Lord….
  1. For patience, determination and success during these difficult times in our battle to subdue the coronavirus, let us pray to the Lord….
  1. That communities support life and family — with safe housing, quality medical care and good schools, let us pray to the Lord….
  1. For all who await the Lord’s coming, especially those near death, to be renewed in faith, steadfast in hope and filled with love, let us pray to the Lord….
  1. That we may move beyond fear and pride to help bring about peace in this world, let us pray to the Lord….
  1. For all who have gone before us and those who grieve them, in particular… 


4:30 PM – Bob Kanka

9:00 AM – Isabelle Brown

11:00 AM – Adrian and Michael Marsh

…for whom we offer this Mass. Let us pray to the Lord….

Priest: O Lord God, as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus, we lift up these prayers and many more, unspoken, and even as we ask we give you thanks. In Christ’s name we pray….