Intercessions, Second Sunday of Advent – December 5, 2021

Priest:  Watching…, waiting…, preparing for the great feast of Christmas, we lift up our prayers in humble confidence….

  1. For a spirit of repentance and an eager openness to the gifts and grace of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, let us pray to the Lord….                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
  1. That we work to be pure and blameless, ever seeking to grow in love as St. Paul directed the Philippians, let us pray to the Lord….
  1. For patience, good sense and success in our battle to subdue the coronavirus, let us pray to the Lord….
  1. That we choose to live in joy, eager to see the salvation of God, even in the face of life’s greatest challenges, let us pray to the Lord….
  1. For the healing of all those affected by the tragic deaths and injuries at Oxford High School, let us pray to the Lord….
  1. That the current cases before the US Supreme Court lead to the legal protection of the unborn,  let us pray to the Lord….
  1. For all who have gone before us and those who grieve them, in particular… 

4:30 PM – Kanka Family

9:00 AM – James and Marguerite Cannon

11:00 AM – Alphonse Sczkutowski

5: 00 PM — Dorothy Leu

…for whom we offer this Mass. Let us pray to the Lord….

Priest: O Lord God, as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus, we lift up these prayers and many more, unspoken, and even as we ask we give you thanks. In Christ’s name we pray….