Intercessions – February 27, 2022

Priest:  Ready to acknowledge and remove the planks in our own eyes, we lift up our prayers in humble confidence….

  1. For the wisdom and openness to seek and follow wise guides in our faith journey, let us pray to the Lord….                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
  1. That we embrace the gifts of Ash Wednesday and Lent to address our faults and grow closer to Christ, let us pray to the Lord….
  1. For continued vigilance in our fight against the coronavirus, let us pray to the Lord….
  1. That we guard our speech, replacing criticism with affirmation, bitterness with gratitude and righteousness with humility, let us pray to the Lord….
  1. For an assurance that our labor in the Lord is never in vain, let us pray to the Lord….
  1. That leaders of the world effectively confront Russia’s aggression and restore order and peace in Europe, let us pray to the Lord….
  1. For the victims of war, especially in Ukraine, for all who have gone before us and those who grieve them, in particular… 

4:30 PM — Glen Martin

9:00 AM – Walter and Lottie Wiacek

11:00 AM – John A. Dale

 …for whom we offer this Mass. Let us pray to the Lord….

Priest:  We lift up these prayers and many others, unspoken, in confidence and hope. In Christ’s name we pray….