Intercessions- March 6, 2022

Priest: Remembering that we are called… to faith, to service, to prayer, fasting and almsgiving, we lift up our prayers in humble confidence….

  1. For courage and fidelity in the face of temptation, let us pray to the Lord….                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
  1. That we embrace the gifts of Lent to address our faults and grow closer to Christ, let us pray to the Lord….
  1. For continued vigilance in our fight against the coronavirus, let us pray to the Lord….
  1. That we may soon bring legal protection to the unborn, let us pray to the Lord….
  1. For all those preparing to become a part of the Church through the RCIA, for their teachers and sponsors, let us pray to the Lord….
  1. That leaders of the world effectively confront Russia’s aggression, provide safety for refugees and restore peace, let us pray to the Lord….
  1. For all who have gone before us and those who grieve them, in particular… 

4:30 PM —Margaret Goulet

9:00 AM – Marvin and Reatha  Meyer

11:00 AM – Michael and Adrian Marsh

5:00 PM – St. Rita Parishioners 

…for whom we offer this Mass. Let us pray to the Lord….

Priest: May we stir up one another to love and good works as we humbly and confidently lift up these prayers and many others, unspoken. In Christ’s name we pray….