Catholic Heartwork Camp

Mission Trip 2022

Montague, Michigan June 19-25


Summer is coming and schedules are already filling up with vacations, athletic and music camps – but have you considered a Mission Trip? Here are the top five reasons teens should go on a mission trip.

1. Mission Trips Broaden perspectives for Teenagers and expose Them to the needs of the World.

2. Mission Trips Encourage team-building tactics to accomplish tasks to benefit others.

3. Mission Trips Challenge comfort zones and encourage growth in a safe environment.

4. Mission Trips Empower students and develop leadership skills.

5. Mission Trips Center on the social teachings of Christ and the Catholic Church.

If you or someone you know is interested in attending an amazing Mission Trip this summer, please sign up TODAY!  We were able to finagle a few spots for the Catholic Heart Workcamp (CHWC) this summer, to be held June 19-25 in Montague, Michigan.