Intercessions – January 29, 2023

Priest:  Gathered in spirit at the feet of Jesus our great teacher, we humbly and confidently lift up our prayers….

1. For a spirit of humility, even in the face of arrogance, let us pray to the Lord….

2. That we may be generous in showing mercy even as we hope to be treated mercifully, let us pray to the Lord….

3. For a commitment to work to build the reign of God at home, at work, at school and in our neighborhoods, let us pray to the Lord….

4. That our efforts as peacemakers never flag and, of course, for peace soon in Ukraine, let us pray to the Lord….

5. For those in prison, so easily forgotten, for their families and their victims, let us pray to the Lord….

6. That victims of human trafficking find hope and healing and for an end soon to this foul practice, let us pray to the Lord….

7. For all who have gone before us and those who grieve them, in particular… 

4:30 PM — Gail McGovern

9:00 AM – In Remembrance of Maggie McGee

11:00 AM – Clyde Berry

 …for whom we offer this Mass. Let us pray to the Lord….

Priest: Gathered as one around this table of life, we give thanks even as we lift up our petitions. In Christ’s name we pray….