The Jackson Interfaith Shelter is a Michigan non-profit organization whose mission is working with people experiencing homelessness by providing emergency shelter, prepared meals, and assisting with other physical, emotional, and spiritual needs when possible. The shelter is located at 414 South Blackstone St. in Jackson, MI, and their phone number is 517.789.8735.

For over forty years their goal has been to provide temporary emergency housing to individuals and families experiencing homelessness. They provide three prepared meals daily to clients and community members who present a need. They also have 46 women and children’s beds and 32 men’s beds. 

People experiencing homelessness may reside at the shelter for 90 days. Wake up time is 7 am and the curfew is 10 pm. They encourage employment, and late passes will be provided for individuals who are employed and working past curfew. Shelter clients are expected to be able to live independently, while understanding, and respecting the ever-changing community living atmosphere the shelter emulates. There is no fee to reside at the shelter. Shelter clients are provided with a suggested road map to exit to positive housing.

St. Rita and the Jackson Interfaith Shelter

St. Rita has been donating food and volunteers to the Interfaith Shelter for many years. We have a regular monthly schedule where we donate and cook the food for shelter residents (and community members) each second Wednesday of the month. Call Todd Dahlberg (734-604-6907) if you would like to become involved with this important service outreach and ministry.

Individuals are also welcome and encouraged to volunteer at the shelter – just contact Sheryl at the shelter (517-789-8735) or Todd Dahlberg for information, or if you have questions.

Donations of food and clothing can be dropped off at the shelter, and the shelter often has need of particular items (personal care items, bus passes, etc.) for its residents. Please visit the shelter web page, call the shelter, or check the sign in front of the shelter for the latest updates – and make a donation!