Be My Disciple

As Catholics, we are asked to Know and Love the Lord first and foremost (CCC 1). In addition, we are also called to Serve Him by using our gifts and talents to glorify Him and to help others. There three pillars of our faith, Know, Love and Serve, are the foundation for our religious education and faith formation programs.

To better Know and Love Him, we will continue to use RCL Benzinger’s program called Be My Disciples. BMD is an innovative and complete religious education program that empowers students and their families to answer the call to discipleship. The program leads children and their families to grow in their conversion to Jesus Christ, to develop the habits of discipleship, and to decide each day to choose life in Christ. Using a balanced approach, Be My Disciples is validated by new insights into education today by utilizing a spiral-teaching model to reintroduce concepts and topics each year, expanding on them as the child develops.

To better Serve Him, our students will partake in annual service projects that include:

  • “Birthday Cake Kits” for children in need, whose parents may not be able to purchase a cake. Each kit contains a cake mix, frosting, candles, oil, and a dollar for eggs and a small gift for a child.