Pre-Mass reflection, Baptism of the Lord

Pre-Mass reflection on the Capitol riot Jan. 6

The events at our nation’s Capitol on January 6 continue to ring as deeply disturbing, even unbelievable. Yet in spite of the chaos, the violence, even the deaths, Congress reconvened to finish its important work.

 We often look upon institutions as intrusive, as burdens or annoyances, but here, the institution succeeded in its mission of bringing order to our Democracy, and in this case, to literal chaos. We sometimes look upon the institutional Church in the same way, as an annoying intrusion or burden. Who needs all those directives from Lansing? Why pay attention to Rome? But we are a Church, not isolated individuals, or stand-alone worshiping communities. Thank God for the leadership, the wisdom, the challenges and calls to service that take us beyond ourselves. 

Our Savior and Redeemer is and always will be Jesus Christ. Donald Trump is our president. Joe Biden is our president-elect. Jesus is our savior. We sometimes seem to forget that. History, even modern history, has shown that trying to turn a political leader or a media personality into a savior is disastrous. 

It’s very important to be involved in the world around us and certainly to be involved in politics. We’re definitely off-track when those interests and affiliations become more important than our faith. Please continue to pray for healing, for a return to respect and even unity. Pray, but work for it too!

Thank God for our dear nation! Thank God for the gift of our holy Church!


Father Tom Helfrich